Here are some of the services FIT Electrics offers

Have you considered changing your lighting for lower running costs, better reading conditions, security, or creating a certain ambience? FIT electrics will be pleased to consider your indoor or outdoor lighting requirements, advise and provide an estimate.
Short of sockets in the right positions? Forget unsightly extension leads! FIT Electrics can add sockets. Maybe you would like an outdoor socket for the lawn mower or a radio to help you relax on the patio.
Is your home comfortable? FIT Electrics can install power feeds for immersion heaters, instant hot water heaters, boilers, night storage heaters, panel heaters or electric fires. Thermostatic control for heating and hot water are also considered. We also change systems over to control by cordless thermostats, allowing the customer to find the best spot in the house for temperature regulation, which will save you money.
Old switchgear, fuse boxes and wiring everywhere! Does this remind you of your electricity meter cupboard? Well a new consumer unit that will meet current regulations would make your home safer now with RCD protection and reduce the cost of future minor electrical additions of lights and sockets.
When was your property last re-wired? Unfortunately cables do degrade and it’s recommended that a property is re-wired at least every 25 years. A complete or partial re-wire would make use of new materials that meet current regulations, and improve the safety of your home as well as giving you that opportunity to have those extra lights or sockets you always wanted.
Having electrical problems or loss of power? This can be a major inconvenience, particularly in the winter and quick remedial action is needed. FIT Electrics has experience in quickly responding to these problems, tracking down the root causes and rectifying them.
Do you have any accessories that need changing such as a cracked light switch or socket with a broken back box? FIT Electrics are willing to replace any accessory such as a light fitting, switch, or socket to restore convenience, comfort or personal safety. Larger items such as heaters, hobs or ovens are also considered.
Are you buying or selling a house? FIT Electrics offer a range of inspections, that can be tailored to customer needs to give a clearer idea on the condition of the electrics.

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